Transition Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring (The Easy Way)

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February Fear

Is February the most uninspiring month of the year?  The weather is pretty much arctic and we’re starting to get getting sick of the dark autumnal clothes we’ve been snuggling into all winter.  The problem is, we aren’t quite ready to slip into the delicate pastelly spring outfits everyone is pretending to wear on Instagram.

You know, we still have to rush between work and after school activities and stand at the school gate for much longer than we’d like to, trying to keep up the illusion of being a perfectly under control, stylish women of the 21st century.   

What’s The Solution?

So this spring, just ask yourself one question – “Is it cold outside?”

If the answer is “Yes, it’s 3 degrees”, here’s the solution.

If it’s less than 10 degrees outside, you are under no obligation whatsoever to suddenly look like you are on a spring catwalk show!

In our opinion, Parisiennes have got this whole thing sussed.  Strolling through the streets, from their bed to the Metro, into the office and maybe a petit restaurant in between, here’s what the cool girls (and mamans) are wearing right now.

Calf length wool coats or puffa jackets, giant chunky scarves rolled around a few times for dramatic effect, a light sweater, trusty flat boots and maybe a super choc accessory.  The trick here is that you don’t necessarily have to de-layer, just reinvent the clothes you already have and tweak the style so that you feel like you’ve come up with your own unique look. 

Here are our 3 simple tips for Parisienne cool:

1. Shop the Sale

Sales (especially at Parici) are a really great way to stock up on wardrobe essentials. Core pieces like basic long sleeved thermal tops are perfect to wear under last autumn’s sweater or dungarees.

Light greys mixed with charcoal are a perfect move into the brighter days, then why not add a tiny bit of tangerine along the way since it is the colour of the season? 

2. Economy is Key

Don’t just impulse buy because you ‘have nothing to wear’.  Use your last purchases from the winter and try to make them less wintery by putting them with lighter shades or a more spring like accessory.  Be clever with your little twist.  Maybe a touch of glamour is your thing?  A metallic scarf or a bold pair of earrings – put your own stamp on it.

3. I Want,I Need 

Of course we all want to treat ourselves to a new piece but just try to remember this – you may well fall in love with an amazing new item very soon which is going to tie your whole seasons look together.  Being creative with your wardrobe now means you can justify treating yourself to something really worth it for the half term break.

Style isn’t about buying loads of new things.  It’s about understanding what works for you and what makes you feel comfortable and confident.

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À bientôt

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