Madame Parici

Madame Parici


A wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear?  If this sounds too familiar and you need a little inspiration, ta-da, Madame Parici is here to help.

With a name like Kathleen, maybe she was destined to bring a bit of je ne sais quoi to the streets of Belfast, so in 2016 opened une petite boutique that’s a little out of the norm (to say the least).  “I like to think of it as a bit of rock and roll, mixed with boho, tomboy and sporty chic (zat is some mix I know).I wanted to create a fun and cosy place where women and stressed out mums (like me) can casually pop in and feel like they can relax, grab a wee coffee and feel at home.”

Parici mannequin


We love making new outfits out of the things you have never worn which will then help you justify treating yourself to something new you can style 100 different ways.  At Parici, we cater for the 4 to 100 year olds.  That’s right, you are never too old to dress à la Parici and yes we do mini-mes too!


So if you think you need a fun little twist on your everyday wardrobe, pop in and see us.  We hope you’ll get that special feeling we are trying to create.

A bientot for now.

Madame Parici

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