Get Your Wardrobe Autumn Winter Ready With Parici

Get Your Wardrobe Autumn Winter Ready With Parici

Autumn/Winter ‘18 is finally here. That’s right ladies, it’s time to put away those sandals and basket bags and switch to something a little more cosy.

If the thought of having to do this fills you with dread, we totally understand. Who needs one more job to add to the endless list of things you have to do, especially if you’re a mummy!  That’s why we’ve put together a few simple steps to help you get dressed stylishly every morning in 5 just minutes. Seriously, instead of stressing about what the hell you’re going to wear, we can have you dressed and out the door in no time (and you might even have time for that extra wee coffee). 

5 Minute Dressing

We are obsessed with wardrobe styling and honestly, autumn/winter is our favourite time of year.  In fact, you might even say it’s our speciality.  Here’s what we recommend:

1. Create Your Uniform

This is our top tip and one rule that we always live by in Parici.  Instead of rummaging through all your clothes in the morning and then wearing the same thing you always wear, go back to your wardrobe and reorganise it.

We bet you have some fantastic pieces that you can pull out and restyle for this season.  Pick the pieces you still really like, top them up with a couple of new bits you’ve fallen in love with and voila!  You can use this capsule to create 3 strong looks that all work together and are interchangeable with each other. 

Bellerose Elsene Cream Faux Fur Jacket

2. Invest in Two Amazing Sweatshirts

Choose two sweatshirts that you absolutely love – a light cotton sweater and a heavier woollen one that you can style 100 different ways. 

As the weather starts to get colder, you will begin to add layers underneath these.  A denim shirt for example, showing the collar and cuffs plus a tiny bit peeking out of the bottom of your sweatshirt.  Maybe you have a pretty prairie blouse you can reinvent or a feminine dress you might team with funky tights and a pair of our signature Mexicana cowboy boots.  Whatever works from your wardrobe, layer it underneath.  

Then, a couple of months down the line, as winter truly sets in, you can start adding more layers on top.  Parkas, woollen boyfriend coats or bright wind breakers will work perfectly on top of these looks.

3. Don’t Forget the Bottom Half

As well as working with the dresses from your wardrobe, your new sweatshirts can be styled with skirts, baggy trousers, skinny jeans and even your favourite summer shorts if you add a pair of tights. So don’t go for the same old denims you always wear, grab all of the bottoms you love from your wardrobe and get styling.

4. Gorgeous Gloves

Gloves are big this winter.   We’re talking retro, neon, Fair Isle gloves that will add a funky twist to those cold mornings.  You might go for earthy, neutral tones in your knitwear but these gloves are going to add a pop of magic to your favourite jumper and hopefully your morning too.

5. Get Sporty

The sporty chic trend is here to stay and it’s a great look for that in between part of the season.  Choose a silky pair of joggers that aren’t too heavy for this time of year.  These will look cool in the daytime with a loose tee or lace cami, sweatshirt and your favourite pair of New Balance and will then take you through to the evening, worn with a silky top and heels.  No sport necessary!

6. Always Add a Scarf

You know by now that we love layering so what’s one more between friends, right?  At Parici we love to wrap them around a couple of times so that they look like the neck of your sweater.  Gorgeous prints and colours can completely lift the look of your outfit but be careful to choose the right colour that compliments your skin tone.

7. Lay Your Outfit Out The Night Before

Before you go to bed, put your outfit together on a coat hanger so that you can see how it will look.  This should be easy if you’ve been able to reorganise your wardrobe into your new uniform.  If you don’t manage to do it the night before, put it together in your head while you have a bit of peace in your morning shower.  We’ll forgive you. 

Just remember, the trick is to choose pieces you love that are comfortable to wear and all work together. Style them in layers to create looks that will take you from work or the school run to that last minute coffee or dinner invitation. 

Easy peasy.

Parici’s new season collection is available to buy online here or you can book a free personal styling session with Kathleen on 07969 963626.

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